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4Friday-Incredible Flutes Made From Drinking Straws

Sometimes the most amazing things come from the most humble origins. Check out the amazing music you can make with everyday ordinary drinking straws!


I saw this video on Facebook a few days ago of Danish musician Peter Bastian playing a Bulgarian folk song, and was completely blown away with how beautiful it sounded! At first I thought it was some sort of native folk flute...but then I discovered that he was playing on a McDonald's straw! Watch the video here:



I got a little obsessed with researching how to make one of these straw flutes for myself, and came up with a few tutorials. This one by Annie Brunson seems to be the easiest.


Toru Kamiya takes straw flutes to the extreme - he makes the most amazing, whimsical instruments, all using only regular drinking straws. Incredible!


Toru Kamiya is a genius. Here are some more examples of his incredible straw flutes (LOVE the polyphonic versions!) The kids' reactions are precious!


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