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4Friday: Karg-Elert, Gaubert, IMSLP, and Hot Lips

This week's 4Friday selections are skewed a bit to flute music - the students at Curtis have been introducing me to some amazing new repertoire, so it's all thanks to them!


I don't know much about Sigfrid Karg-Elert, but apparently he's very, very big with flutists. However, even flute players aren't that familiar with this gem, his Suite pointillistique in G major, Op. 135, an example of Karg-Elert's style of writing that really stretches the boundaries of tonal music in a breathtakingly beautiful way.

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One of the Curtis flute students introduced me to Philippe Gaubert's Sonata No. 2 - a gorgeous piece, but I actually prefer his Sonata No. 1, so if you don't mind me indulging, here's a recording of the last movement that I did with Jeffrey Khaner. We'll get to Gaubert's Sonata No. 2 in another 4Friday:


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For classical musicians, is a goldmine of free public domain sheet music. And since the vast majority of what we play is in the public domain - yup, you guessed it, most of our sheet music is free. 


Here's the sheet music for the Karg-Elert in #1:,_Op.135_(Karg-Elert,_Sigfrid)

Here's the sheet music for the Gaubert in #2:,_Philippe)



As winter approaches, marching band players have to struggle with playing their instruments in cold weather, which makes their instruments sound out of tune. A Slippery Rock University student came up with a brilliant solution for brass players: an electric mouthpiece warmer. Check it out at . Now if only someone could come up with something for flutes...

HotLips Brass Warmer


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