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How to make a living as a modern musician do you make a living as a musician in today's challenging economy? I answer this by providing 2 powerful steps.

The first step is to become an awesome musician. Sorry, no shortcuts around that one! Unfortunately most folks make that the be-all and end-all of their efforts, and never realize that being an awesome musician is just the first step towards making a living as a musician.  

When I was wrapping up my eight years of study at the venerable Curtis Institute of Music (considered by many to be one of the greatest classical music conservatories in the world), I asked my teacher point blank on my very last lesson, "So, now what? How do I make a career as a pianist?" I will never forget his response: he looked at me, sighed a deep sigh, and...sheepishly shrugged his shoulders. Not a single bit of actionable career advice beyond, "good luck". Imagine the sinking feeling I had in the pit of my stomach as I contemplated the utter waste of time and energy dedicated to playing the piano. 

So given that bleak assessment, what is the second step? No, it's not "give up music and become a doctor" or "wait tables while you wait for your lucky break"...

The second step to making a living as a musician is: listen to this interview.

The Modern Musician Show with Colin Thomson interviews successful musicians delivering actionable tips, tricks, strategies and tactics to show how a career in music can still be fulfilling and make money. In my interview with Colin for the podcast show, I share a wealth of practical advice on how to become an entrepreneurial musician in today's world. Here are some of the best questions I answer in the interview:

  • Top recommended book (I actually recommend 3)
  • How to come up with a world-changing business idea
  • How to raise $20,000 in a single month

Be sure to listen to my interview and check out the show notes at the bottom of the page for important links.


Hugh Sung on The Modern Musician Show

The Modern Musician Show with Colin Thomson - Colin Thomson


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