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Piano Lessons To The Rescue!

A worship team keyboardist posted a frantic message asking for help to learn 3 songs in one day. Online Popular Piano School to the rescue!

This is every pianist's nightmare: being thrown a bunch of new music you've never played before at the last minute with complex rhythms, crazy chord progressions, and nothing but a vague lead sheet (and some YouTube videos) as your guide. Where do you turn for help in such short notice? Do you call your local piano teacher and book an emergency session in the middle of the night? But what if your teacher doesn't even know the songs? Can you count on him/her to learn them fast enough to then turn around and teach you?? Yikes, sounds like a nightmare for the teacher as well as the student!

Well, if 19 years of working as a collaborative pianist at The Curtis Institute of Music has taught me anything, it's how to learn extremely complex music extremely fast (boy, do I have some insane stories to share with you!) Thanks to and, I was able to download the lead sheets for the songs in a jiffy and put the following lesson videos together:


More Than Enough

by by Israel Houghton and Kelley Steele.

This was by far the most complex song of the set, so I had to go into depth to cover the complex jazzy rhythms, riffs, and sophisticated chord progressions. This is a 45 minute video, so be warned and make sure your coffee pot is full...


(by the way, I was using earphones because I didn't want to wake my neighbors up with the early morning lesson - I have the ability to set my hybrid Cunningham piano to silent while outputting a digital only sound using Pianoteq. Pretty nifty, eh?) 

Victor's Crown

by Darlene Zschech, Israel Houghton and Kari Jobe.

This tutorial covers the basic chord progressions and some of the tricky rhythmic riffs. I give a simplified version of the chords to make it easier to play while still sounding great as a worship comp.


How Great Is Our God

by Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, and Ed Cash

This is the simplest song of the three. I cover the basic chord progressions, and as a special bonus I show how to play the opening riff that Chris plays in one of his live videos.

So how will our intrepid student fare armed with these emergency lesson videos and one day of desperate practice? I'll be sure to post a follow up article as soon as I get a post-performance update from him! You can follow the unfolding drama at the PianoWorld forum here


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