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Popular Piano School with Hugh Sung - Coming Winter 2014!

Get ready, folks - the most amazing online piano school for popular piano is coming soon to a browser near you!

My team at ArtistWorks has put together a terrific video previewing my upcoming Online Popular Piano School set to launch this winter. More than just a library of progressive high-def video lessons, you'll be able to upload your own practice videos and get direct, personal feedback from me to help you learn any song you want to play and fall in love with making music yourself. Regardless of whether you've never laid eyes on a piano before or if you're a seasoned player, I want you to discover how easy it is to play and master your favorite songs when you're working with a teacher who loves to teach! Check out the video and sign up for early VIP notification as soon as my school is open!

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  • Comment Link Hugh Sung Friday, 31 October 2014 08:49 posted by Hugh Sung

    Believe it or not, I totally understand what you mean. When I was a student at Curtis, I struggled with the same issue - I was learning a lot of music, but I didn't understand how it was put together or what made things work to elicit different emotions. And how do you explain so many different ways to interpret music - is one way really more correct than another? Is one interpretation better than another? Why or why not? No one could explain these things to me. Then one day I had the most amazing "aha" moment - the light bulbs came blazing on, and for the first time in my musical life I could "see" exactly how everything "worked" - sort of like looking at the engine of a car and suddenly understanding how each component worked together to make the car run as a whole. I will have to write a blog post about this to better explain what I mean, but I would be SO excited to try to share more of the theory to help you understand why music sounds and works the way it does in my piano school! Thanks for a wonderful comment, Lorraine!!

  • Comment Link Lorraine Thursday, 30 October 2014 18:19 posted by Lorraine

    I can't wait for this. I have a brain injury and a brick and mortar school was too challenging for me in more ways than one. I love the lessons for Claire de lune and I'm doing well with those. So I can't wait to join this school. but I'm even more interested in theory. Because I find I can play from note to note but really I feel like I don't understand what I'm playing. and until I do, I'm just copy-cat playing. it's all notes with no particular meaning behind them just sound. Could you help me change this? I don't even know the circle/cycle of 5ths.
    I just learned 1st. movement of Moonlight Sonata and now I'm trying to perfect it. to do that, again I'm just copying someone elses interpretation on youtube. (Tiffany Poon & Wilhelm Kempff) I still feel I do not "understand" piano as a whole. I can play it a little but I do not know my instrument and/or what makes it tick. I'd like to become intimate friends with my piano and understand what's "behind" all the notes. right now it's just an acquaintance. could you help? no one seems to understand what I mean and I get blank stares from teachers when I talk about it so I have NO idea where to begin.

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