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Take Your Piano Arpeggios To The Next Level: How To Play Super-Fast "Wavy Arpeggios"

If typical arpeggios make the piano sound like a harp, "wavy arpeggios" sound like sparkling chandeliers - an awesome effect to learn and sound dazzling on the piano!

This Pro Piano Tip on "Wavy Arpeggios" comes from a request by YouTuber KairoS Sou, who wanted help learning to play the opening intro from Exige's piano cover of "Find You" by Zedd featuring Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant:

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A "wavy arpeggio" is like a traditional arpeggio, but with one or more notes that change direction within a group of ascending or descending note patterns. In Exige's example, we get to explore 3 different ways to make these "waves" and the special techniques to make them sound absolutely dazzling!

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This lesson was a lot of fun to put together. Many thanks to KairoS Sou for sending his question to me through my YouTube channel! If you'd like to learn more about studying with me personally through my online piano school for about $1 a day (as well as getting sheet music for all of my arrangements and transcriptions), visit 

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