Thursday, 16 October 2014 20:00

The Craziest Way To Learn To Read Music

Struggling to read sheet music? Here's a set of crazy mnemonics that you'll find unforgettable to find any note in Treble or Bass Clef staff lines instantly!

Mnemonics are memory tools that typically use abbreviations in funny sentences. The classic mnemonics for Treble Clef notes have been things like "Every Good Boy Does Fine" or "F-A-C-E", but I wanted to focus on something easier to remember that specifically uses the clefs as they were intended: as note markers. The Treble Clef is actually a fancy way of drawing the letter "G", as shown in this "clef evolution": 


While the Bass Clef is supposed to represent the letter "F":

Bass Clef evolution

Check out this video tutorial on my crazy G and F clef mnemonics and let me know what you think!

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