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The Future of Piano Teaching

What technology gives teachers the ability to improve their sight and hearing a thousand-fold and students the ability to learn faster than ever? No, it's not a reboot of "The 6 Million Dollar Man"'s a technology called "Asynchronous Pedagogy".

What in the world is "Asynchronous Pedagogy"? No, it's not some weird new Star Trek device for time travel (although it does aid in bypassing the limitations of time and space...more on that later...) Let's start with its opposite, "Synchronous Pedagogy". Synchronous Pedagogy is what happens when a teacher and students are working together at the same time simultaneously, either in a classroom or studio setting in person, or over a distance using a live technology like Skype for video lessons.  "Asynchronous Pedagogy" happens when the teacher posts material at one time, the student receives and works with the material at a different time, and the teacher responds to students at a later time, and so forth. In the case of piano lessons, Asynchronous Pedagogy - better known as Video Exchange¬© Learning - is the model that my online piano school uses, where my students post videos of their playing, and I respond with a separately recorded video response. 

In this video interview on the Tim Topham Show, I share the reasons why I believe Asynchronous Pedagogy is superior to traditional Synchronous Pedagogy, and how it gives piano teachers "superhuman powers" to teach more effectively, and conversely, for students to learn faster and more effectively.

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Here is the audio-only version of the interview, for those of you who enjoy listening to podcasts:


To learn more about the benefits of Asynchronous Pedagogy for learning to play the piano, be sure to visit my online piano school at 

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