Making Money with Website Ads

The basic premise with setting up advertisements on your website is that the more traffic you are able to generate, the higher the chances that a percentage of those visitors will click on the ads to purchase endorsed products (or not so endorsed - see my blog on about an offensive ad that found its way to my site via Bidvertiser).  Commissions can be earned based on either number of click-throughs, or from the actual purchase of featured items.

Build website, slap on ads, collect revenue - sounds like an easy road to riches, right?  Well, theory always has a way of sobering up in the face of reality.  Unless your site is drawing in millions of readers a day, its unlikely that you'll be able to earn more than the costs of maintaining your site or paying for your domain name.  Here are some ad revenue statistics from my main blog,, which as of this writing has generated 214,581 hits since its inception in February, 2006:

Advertiser Total revenue to date (in US $)
Google AdSense $79.96
Virtual Sheet Music $20.63
Amazon Associates $5.27
Bidvertiser (no longer using this service, due to offensive content) $2.68


Total advertising revenue from to date: $108.54

Keep in mind, i'm only spending minimal time working on my websites (,,, and now a new satellite site at - i'll probably purchase a URL for that one too) - no more than a post or two a day.  Initial advertisements for consisted of searching out and linking to/commenting on other similar classical music blogs and forums.  i'll probably use the same approach to get the word out about as well.  Letting folks know about your site is one thing - taking the time and creative energy to come up with content that's fresh and worthwhile, that's another thing entirely, and really the basis for whether or not a site will have legs enough to draw a sustainable readership.  More on that in future posts.

i suppose that in theory there's unlimited 'growth potential' for website advertising revenue, but i'm not quitting my day job just yet!

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