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4Friday: Brighter Futures for Orchestras

More and more orchestras are reporting fiscal surpluses and brighter financial futures. What an incredible turnaround from the Great Recession of 2008! Here are 4 examples:


rop-iso-2col Indianapolis Symphony is reporting a whopping $900,000 budget surplus, its third consecutive surplus. Congratulations, Indianapolis! Source:


1447951905-Concerto In addition to the Gaillard Center, a beautiful new concert hall, the Charleston Symphony is reporting a $500,000 increase in revenue. Santa has been especially good to this orchestra! Source:


635853580331329771-max-sign-1 Detroit Symphony Orchestra is $30,000 in the black, partly thanks to a 1.6% increase in subscription revenue. Merry Christmas, Detroit! Source:


19350390-mmmain The Cleveland Orchestra is on a 3 year surplus run. Even though this year's surplus of $72,000 isn't comparable to last year's $941,000 surplus, it's still a much brighter side of the road to be on, compared to the multi-million dollar deficits of just a few years ago. Way to go, Cleveland! Source:

Bonus: Minnesota Orchestra

1431784984_08+825622+12ORCH0541715 The labor disputes between 2012-2014 in the Minnesota Orchestra were particularly bitter. But with news of a balanced budget thanks to a final $250,000 from The Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra nonprofit group, hopefully this is a sign of good things - and great music - to come. Congratulations, Minnesota! Source:   

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