Hugh Sung black shirt and keyboardFrom visual recitals to wireless page-turning pedals, Hugh Sung has been a pioneer of bringing music and technology together. Microsoft's introduction of the Tablet PC back in 2001 created an "aha" moment for Hugh, and he became one of the first professional musicians to work exclusively from digital sheet music scores. Hugh's book, "From Paper to Pixels: Your Guide to the Digital Sheet Music Revolution", chronicles his forays into becoming a "paperless pianist" and helps readers understand the benefits and methods to making the transition themselves.

In 2008, Hugh co-founded AirTurn, a company that makes wireless page-turning pedals and other innovative tablet and computer accessories for musicians.

In 2009, Hugh produced the popular "Clair de lune From Scratch" YouTube lesson series, introducing the idea that anyone can learn to play one of the most beautiful pieces in the piano literature.

In 2014, Hugh joined the roster of ArtistWorks, the premiere online music and art school that uses cutting-edge video technologies to enable him to teach students directly and personally anytime and anywhere around the world.